The Preborn Christ
A Story of God in the Womb
The Coloring Book

Patrick A O'Donnell, SFO
Susan Andrews Brindle
John D McCarthy

     The following are draft illustrations for the coloring book that will soon be completed and released.  For now, we give you a preview of the drawings and permit you to download the image and then print onto an 8"X11" sheet of paper so that you may color the image with crayons, colored pencils, or paints.  In this manner, you are able to select whatever image you would like to color yourself.  In choosing colors for your drawing, feel free to look on the color images found on The Preborn Christ ebook.
Directions: Double click over the image and then save picture to file.  Print file.



2005 Copyright Patrick A. O'Donnell, SFO
and Susan Andrews Brindle